Statement of Concern from Indonesian Anti-Corruption Networks

We, the anti-corruption networks, academics, civil society organizations and concerned citizens, call for broad-based support for the anti-corruption struggle in Indonesia that has now reached a real testing moment from various ‘interest’ groups such as members of parliament, the police force, and various political parties. We call all concerned parties:

  1. To be alert and vigilant on the ongoing exploits to weaken the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Indonesia through:

    1. criminalization and arrest of KPK commissioner after the KPK announced the candidate for the Chief of National Police as a suspect in corruption case;

    2. fabrication of stories by senior members of the ruling political party to manipulate the public;

    3. several ‘orchestrated reports’ involving KPK commissioners to the national police headquarters;

    4. the hesitation of the President to take clear and decisive measure to end the conflict between the Police and KPK.

  2. To continue and intensify all possible efforts to strengthen and ensure the application of the ACA Integrity and Independence as stated in Article 6(2) of the 2003 United Nations Convention Against Corruption and the 2012 Jakarta Statement on Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies

  3. To apply maximum pressure on the Government of Indonesia, the Indonesian Police and political parties to abide by the rules of anti-corruption and good governance

  4. To rally maximum support from all anti-corruption organizations and networks for the existing civil organizations now waging an intensified struggle against anti-corruption elements in Indonesia

  5. To call all good-willed citizens and concerned parties in Indonesia and elsewhere to join the ongoing struggle against corruption forces now arresting the development of a clean and good governance in Indonesia, to the point that the outcome of the present stalemate is in line with the demand of the people, i.e:

    1. to annul the candidacy of the current chief of national police,

    2. to strengthen the KPK as a beacon of hope of the Indonesian people, as guaranteed by the UNCAC and the 2012 Jakarta Statement onPrinciples for Anti-Corruption Agencies

    3. to establish good and clean government.


Jakarta, 26 January 2015

Concerned citizens:

Kemitraan, TII, ICW, PSHK, LEIP, Kontras, LBH, STF Driyakara, PUKAT-UGM, PUSAKO-Unand, KRHN, The Institute of Ecosoc Rights, Academics, Journalists, Professional Associations, Student Associations, and Common people in general.